Check the Prayer Requests!

Bob FranquizChurch

I look over the prayer requests that our people write in their Connection Cards every week. Not only do I look them over because I want to pray for our church and be aware of what’s happening in their lives as their Pastor, I also believe it paints a picture of the spiritual condition of our church.

As I looked over this week’s requests, here was the common theme: pray for ______________ that they might come to know Jesus.

This brought a smile to my face because it told me that the people at Calvary Fellowship are serious about their family and friends coming to know Jesus. If every prayer request were prayers focused around “self”, it would be another picture entirely that would be getting painted. (We should bring every request to God, I just
don’t want that to be the sole focus of our prayer requests).

Calvary folks – let’s keep praying, because together we’re going to reach this whole city for Jesus!