CCML’s New Alias

Bob FranquizChurch

As many of you know, CCML is moving about 3 miles up the road to a warehouse facility that will be our home for the next 5 years. But this takes us out of Miami Lakes and because of that fact, we want to drop the Miami Lakes part of our name and go with something that doesn’t tie us to a city. Although the suggestion to go with Calvary Chapel Miami Lakes of __________ in the spirit of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim was original, I had to decide against it. (By the way, what game tonight! The Red Sox came back from being down 4-1 to beat the Angels 7-4. It was glorious!) So let me first say thank you for all of the suggestions. Well, most of them due to the fact that the new Star Wars film had pulled the Jedi mind trick on many people as I heard some of the names being suggested (“these aren’t the names you’re looking for…”), such as “Calvary Death Star” & “Ewok Fellowship”. Also, the suggestion of me changing my name to “Qui-Bob” was fun, but not practical. I think “Bob-a-Fett” would be an easier transition. But we have decided on a new church name… And I’m going to wait to tell you until next week because I need to tell our church first. But I will reveal the new name, website, and logo on Sunday June 12th…I promise!