Catalyst – Session 5

Bob FranquizGeneral

Erwin McManus kicked things off today with an amazing message out of John 9. Erwin challenged us to not just be better leaders, but to make sure we are moving in the right direction. I loved one phrase in particular: “I don’t try to teach the Bible on Sunday. I try to share my life with God using the Scriptures.”

He proposed 5 key words that should describe the church:

#1 – Uniqueness – Jesus didn’t save us to clone us.

#2 – Creativity – We have to move from a visionary community to a visional community.

#3 – Diversity – reaching out to people that are different than us

#4 – Mysticism – People don’t see the Christian faith as spiritual anymore…but they should.

#5 – Compassion – People respond to love over conviction.