Can I trust your church?

Bob FranquizGeneral

The latest Nielsen study showed one of the most effective forms of advertising is a recommendation from someone you know:  at 84% up from 78% in 2013.

The reason:  In the ever-expanding world of the net, TRUST is paramount.

That is why platforms like Facebook and Instagram are so important for spreading the word about your church.  They provide your congregation with the opportunity to recommend their church to everyone they know.

The question is:  How are you helping your congregation reach their friends? 

Let me give you three things that you can do:

1)   Post pictures from your service.  Some people think taking a picture is going to ruin the vibe or is making something spiritual worldly…this is just false.  God wants people to know about what He is doing in your church.  Theologians have argued that the rise of the Roman empire coincided with Jesus’ birth because our sovereign God wanted a way for His gospel to spread quickly.   Today God in his sovereignty has allowed the internet and platforms like Facebook to exist because they help spread the gospel.  As Christians we need to leverage them as such and not focus on how the world is using them.

2)   Post Pictures and Graphics with your Address and Service Times.  People post all kinds of things and they fail to communicate the most basic.  It’s great that you show all the things that are happening at your church but if people don’t know where they need to go to be a part of it, no one will show up. Here’s a couple examples we’ve used that our congregation has been able to share:

IG examples

3)   On Sunday encourage the congregation to share during the week.  In the same way that we have to be clear with people who we want to come to our church, we have to be clear with our congregation about how they can participate.   Most people want to share the good news but think about a million different things every day. Be clear and tell them how they can do it.

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