Buzz Day one

Bob FranquizChurch

Well, the first day of Buzz is in the history books and I had a great time. Mark and I got to have lunch with Gary and Tony. These guys are awesome! Tony is seems laid back, more the thinker type. Gary is on 10. But I love the dude’s passion and energy.

We laughed a lot and talked shop throughout lunch from the best pizza place in D.C. (At least that’s what the owner said. Although I do find it suspect that you have to tell people that you have the best pizza in town).

The sessions were good. Ed Young was very good. Mark did a great job. I only got to speak with him for a couple of minutes, but he seems like a really approachable, great guy.

We had dinner with Tally, who is just one of the coolest guys planting a church. He was kind of enough to trade me a copy of Mark Driscoll’s new book for a copy of my book. (I told him I was getting the better end of the deal, but he still said OK)

Meeting Ben and Tadd was really cool. Tadd will always be the man for getting Jason Varitek to sign a baseball for me.

The conference highlight was the theatre church forum. This was so helpful and informative. I was taking notes furiously. My only regret is that we didn’t have more time to talk about this stuff. I felt it ended right as we were just starting to get cooking.

All in all, it is great to just to be able to rub shoulders with some like-minded Pastors who are ready to storm the gates of hell with water pistols!