Burning the Midnight Oil with Continuum…

Bob FranquizUncategorized

I waited until midnight to be able to download John Mayer’s new album “Continuum.” Let’s just say that JM didn’t disappoint, because it’s really good.

I’ve only listened to it twice. So like a new pair of shoes, new records take a little while to break in before you learn to love them. But Continuum has some immediate spring in its’ step!

So far here are my favorites:

Waiting on the World to Change – I’ve had the song for a couple of months now and I’ve already learned the song on guitar, so it has a bit of an unfair advantage. But it’s a great song (And the solo is fun to play)!

Gravity – This song was on the John Mayer Trio album, but hearing the studio version was really good.

Vultures – While also on the JM Trio album, I would guess this would be his next single if he wants to go for an upbeat second single. Good song and great falsetto.

Stop this train – Great song with a great message.

Dreaming with a broken heart – John always has one song that is gut wrenching. This is it. On Room for Squares, it was St. Patrick’s Day. On Heavier Things, it was Wheel (which has an affect on me that no other song in my life has ever had. I have cried EVERY TIME I’ve heard this song since the day I bought it. I don’t know why, and I know it sounds weird, but this song does something to me that breaks me every time I hear it. So even though I love the song, I don’t listen to it anymore). Dreaming with a broken heart has a haunting piano-led melody and lyrics that anyone who has ever been in love understands.

The record is somewhat mellow. It has a heavy blues feel. It’s a far cry from his first release. But it’s a good listen for me right now.

I’m thinking about huge stuff in my life. Our church is turning 6 on Sunday. Carey and I are starting a family. We find out the gender of our baby on Tuesday morning. So I have a feeling that every time I hear this album, I’m going to think about this time in my life. And I’m happy about that, because life is good…