Building your Volunteers like a Baseball Team

Bob FranquizChurch

I've been thinking about volunteers a lot lately for a couple of reasons: 

1. It's my topic for my coaching network next month

2. We asked 50 people to commit to serve and make a move to our new Miramar campus and we had over 60 step up in the 1st week! 

3. Churches are volunteer-intensive organizations and the day we stop leading volunteers into greater steps of commitment and growth, we're in trouble (and they get stalled in their spiritual and leadership development)

So here's what I suggest: looking at your church like a baseball team. A baseball team isn't just the 25 guys that make up the Major League team. There's also a farm system that's funneling young players to the big leagues. 

I believe every position in your church needs to have a designation of: 

Single A – entry level position 

Double A – Overseeing a team within a ministry

Triple A – High capacity leader overseeing a ministry

Major Leagues – Staff Member with responsibility for that ministry

Next time I'll talk about how we delineate between a single, double and triple A position and what each position needs. 

To increase your volunteer base and know how we invest in our volunteers, check out our "Serving Strategies" resource by clicking here. (If you want the mp3 download version, it's here)