Building your Volunteers like a Baseball Team (Part 2)

Bob FranquizChurch

If you're going to help servants grow in their leadership, you need to decide what roles are of higher priority than others. For example, here is how this model plays out with our greeters: 

Single A volunteer – person greeting on Sunday

Double A volunteer – person overseeing that team of greeters that morning

Triple A volunteer – person who oversees the greeter ministry 

Major Leagues – Staff member who oversees our entire hospitality area

The key is to move people as you see the potential in them flourish. I talk about this model in my book Zero to Sixty: 60 principles and practices for leading a growing church. There's nothing worse than a faithful volunteer with huge potential staying at a single A spot. 

(FYI – just don't move them until you've seen a level of faithfulness in them that you feel comfortable moving them to the next level). Because the only thing worse than not promoting a faithful volunteer with the potential to do move is to promote an unfaithful volunteer who has not been faithful with his/her God-given gifts. 

If you want to increase your volunteer base and know how we equip volunteers, check out our resource "Serving Strategies" by clicking here (If you want the MP3 version, it's here)