Building Momentum over the Summer

Bob FranquizGeneral

Part of the problem over the summer is not only the dip in attendance and giving, it’s the loss of momentum that happens.

So how do we build momentum over the summer? Here’s 3 things we’ve learned:

1. Strategic Events – Plan a strategic outreach event each month over the summer. July is a great month to do an outreach that will attract newcomers. People tend to go on vacation right after school lets out and 2 weeks before school starts. So besides 4th of July weekend, most of July is wide open for outreach.

2. Leadership Development – Summer is a great time to develop potential leaders. This will prepare your church for an explosive Fall.

3. Follow up – With 2 big Sundays behind us in recent weeks (Easter and Mother’s Day), there are lots of people who attended our churches in need of follow up. One of the keys to a big Summer is following up with those God has already brought to our church.


I talk about using the calendar to build momentum in my resource, “How to Make Every Sunday Like Easter”. You can pick it up by clicking here. It outlines 14 ways to make every Sunday as powerful as Easter Sunday.