Brand New Resource: Ministering in the Hard Places

Bob FranquizChurch, Leadership

We’re releasing a brand new resource at today called, “Ministering in the Hard Places”. My friend Bill Lamorey (Senior Pastor, Calvary Fellowship in Hartford, CT) and I co-teach this resource where we talk about the unique challenges of Pastoring in areas of the country (and world for that matter) that are more difficult.

But this resource is about giving you the the tools to reach more people and build a healthier church no matter what area you’re in. When you’re doing ministry in a tough area you have to do things differently. This resource outlines 9 contrarian ideas that will give you the tools you need to reach and disciple people despite your circumstance.

Bill & I know how the tough areas work. I think you’d agree that New England and Miami aren’t the easiest places to reach people, yet God is doing something amazing in both of our churches. We want to share some of the practical steps we’ve learned that will greatly help you in your ministry!

You can save $20 on Ministering in the Hard Places by using the coupon code hardplaces during checkout.

You can pick up a copy of Ministering in the Hard Places here.

Here’s what you can expect to learn in this 2 hour plus resource:

– See a stream of first time guests who are easy to reach

– Build a team that stays together and loves your area

– Leave the keys to lasting in your community while others leave

– Discover who to listen to and who to ignore

– H0w to be missional and attractional at the same time

– Learn how to read your community and connect

– Plus much more!

You can save $20 on Ministering in the Hard Places by using the coupon code hardplaces during checkout.