The Boy Who Cried “Micro-Manager!”

Bob FranquizGeneral

Let me just come out and say it: most leaders don’t micromanage. In fact, most people have no idea what micromanaging is.


Asking your graphics guy to design a flyer for an event and following up a few days later is not micromanaging.

Asking your graphics guy to design a flyer for an event and standing over him while he designs it and commenting on each color is micromanaging.

But let’s be honest: most Pastors aren’t standing over the shoulder of their staff. In fact, most Pastors suffer delegating to the point of abandonment (which is another problem all together).

I’ve learned that the people who cry, “Micromanagement” are under performers. They don’t want the boss checking in. If the boss does that enough, the truth with come out and they’ll be “blaming the bad economy” for their lack on employment (once again, another conversation).

So leaders, don’t shy away from managing because you’re afraid someone’s going to cry, “Micromanager!” Instead, manage your staff and leaders well. The key to keeping a staff engaged and performing on all 8 cylinders is to have the right people in the right positions and manage them well.

There are critical mistakes that Senior Pastors need to avoid, micro-managing is not one of them.

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