Book Review: The Feiner Points of Leadership

Bob FranquizBooks

Quite simply, The Feiner Points of Leadership by Michael Feiner is one of the best leadrship books I have ever read. If you know me, you know that I hate Pepsi, but as a former Pepso Co. executive, Feiner gives 50 leadership laws that are just so true.

Here are some highlights:

– What gets rewarded determines what the real values of your organization are

– Leaders show people they are building a cathedral, not just cutting stone

– Commitment means that to get loyalty, you must give loyalty

– People need to know the score, to know how they’re doing

– Start with the assumption that you’re the problem. Don’t assume evil intent unless you see it

– If change is not presented as a burning platform decision, it can’t hope to succeed

– Leaders cannot delegate responsibility for implementing change

– If you can’t tell anyone what you’re doing, don’t do it

This is just a few quotes. The truth is, my copy of this book is filled with blue ink from underlining, stars, arrows, and any other symbol to show a great thought. This is a must read for any leader. Absolutely fantastic book!