Book Review: The Radical Reformission

Bob FranquizUncategorized

031025659301_aa240_sclzzzzzzz_ I think the highest compliment I can give The Radical Reformission is the same thing I think when I hear a great song: “I wish I had written that.” The book is that good! Driscoll is insightful, witty, and like me, he probably TiVo’s “The Best Week Ever” so he can OD on pop culture.

I don’t know if I’ve connected with a book as much as I connected with this one in quite a while. It was amazing to read a book about ministry and to look at what you’re doing and realize that intuitively you’re doing a majority of what was written. That was incredible. I feel a real sense of connection to Mark’s message (Him being America’s #1 most unchurched city and me being in America’s 2nd most unchurched city).

I think every Senior Pastor needs to read this book. I think you shouldn’t be allowed to plant a church without reading this book.

I love his insights on the ministry in relation to the Gospel, Church, and culture. The beer chapter was hilarious! His exegesis of Acts 17 was fantastic.

My fear is that is many circles of the church, people are trying to create ‘Cookie cutter’ churches that look exactly the same. In my tribe, this is highly promoted officially and unofficially you’re looked down upon for not conforming.

I felt like this book has been saying what I’ve been saying to my tribe: That you can’t be a cookie cutter and be effective. Every church by nature has to be different because every area is different. To be led by the Spirit doesn’t mean you’re going to do things exactly the same way as everyone else. That’s presumptuous to say the least.

It’s no surprise Mars Hill is reaching thousands in an area that’s a wasteland for churches. Like Paul, they are interpreting the culture and using that as the starting point for sharing the Gospel. The Gospel doesn’t change one iota. Only our starting place must change based on where people are. To not take your local culture into consideration is foolishness in pastoring and leadership.

I give the book 5 stars because it not only affirmed what we are are doing at CF, but it also challenged me to invite our church to be more involved in the process as well.