Book Review: The Dream Releasers

Bob FranquizBooks

0830728074I enjoyed The Dream Releasers by Wayne Cordeiro, pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship in Oahu Hawaii. The book is about discovering your own God-given dreams and releasing the dreams of others as well. What I kept thinking while reading this book is how much I needed a person like this in my life at different times. It would have made things a little easier, to have an older, more experienced person in my life to bounce things off of.

The other thing that stood out to me is the ability that we have to mentor young men that didn’t have dads growing up. I see a generation of men that are completely lost in regards to their call and direction in life because they had no one to help lead them in their younger years. I’m amazed and blessed by the fact that the Men’s small groups that we have every semester are always full. I know the objections about men not wanting to talk about their feelings for one reason or another, but every man feels the need to be around other men and to be challenged by a mature man. Wayne spoke of the dream releasers that impacted his life and how he would not be doing what he is today had it not been for them.

I recommend the book to anyone who wants to invest in the lives of others and see them reach their full God-given potential.