Book Review: The Tipping Point

Bob FranquizUncategorized

I just got done reading (Actually listening) to "the Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell.  The book was great.  The book is written for business and marketing leaders but the applications for church leaders are great as well.  What causes some churches to explode with growth and others to stagnate?  How can 2 churches have a similar style of ministry and get totally different results?  The answer according to Gladwell is 3 key issues: context, presentation, and people.

Here’s a couple of take aways I got:

Context is the world we live in.  What is the context that people see, feel, or think when they walk into our churches?  Is it one where people feel they can encounter God here?  Or is it a context where a person first time visitor believes no one cares.  If they believe no one cares about what your facility looks like, they will also assume that no one cares about the message that’s being shared either.  People will relate your context with how credible your are. 

Presentation is how we share what we want people to believe, know, or consider.  As is mentioned in the book, sometimes just a slight change in the presentation can "tip" our ideas, message, or truths to spread like wildfire.   I believe  churches are getting wise to this.  We are understanding that preaching for 2 hours just doesn’t work like it once did.  so we have adjusted our presentation so the listener will not just hear, but DO what God’s word says. 

People have influence.  Soem have more than others, but everyone has a degree of credibility with a circles of friends, family, and acquaintances.  The key is how to leverage that influence for the sake of the kingdom. 

I highly recommend this book to church leaders.  I’m looking forward to hearing Malcolm in person at Catalyst this year.  It’s great stuff…