Book Review: The Last Word and the Word After That

Bob FranquizUncategorized

078797592301lzzzzzzzI just finished "The Last Word and the Word after That" (Yes I think I’m on a kick of some sort) by Brian Mclaren.  This is part 3 of his "A New Kind of Christian" trilogy.  I thought the book was amazing!  While, the book is fictional, it tries to create some discussion about a few different subjects.  The main topic is hell.  I found the book eye opening, refreshing, and challenging.  I think McLaren is onto something in his writing.  He challenges us to think, but he’s not going to just lay out the answers.  Instead, he’s going to challenge us to wrestle with a subject until we feel like we’ve landed. 

That’s what I appreciate most about his books and why I am drawn to read them.  He forces me to come to my own conclusions and doesn’t just spoon-feed me.  Anyway, I give the book 5 stars!  It is very well done.  The story itself is great.  My wife says I was obsessed with the book because I took the book everywhere with me this week.  I just couldn’t put it down!