Book Review: Leading at a Higher Level

Bob FranquizBooks

If there’s only one Ken Blanchard book you ever read, Leading at a Higher Level should be the one you pick. Basically, Ken and his team take just about every book he’s ever written, cut out all the fluff and give you the essential principles that each book contains. In each chapter it seems as though he’s moving through his catalog of writings and giving you the essence of what each book says.

Here’s my only critique: it’s too long. Because he had several people working on the book, the writers stumble over each other in their ideas and repeat themselves several times. Honestly, I think 75 pages could have been cut from the book and you would not have lost any content. The chapter on vision is worth the price of the book alone. Great stuff on teamwork.

His chart of situational leadership is fantastic. His big idea is that with each person our leadership style needs to change. If we are delegators by nature, we shouldn’t be that way with everyone. Instead, delegate to those who can handle that level of freedom. Others need more direction. Some just need some coaching. His 2 chapters on this are great. All in all, a good read. I just wish the editor had stepped up to the plate.