Book Review: Jewish Spirituality

Bob FranquizBooks

158023150001_aa240_sclzzzzzzz_I’ll be honest with you, I’m a sucker for books on Jewish roots. I love them. I devour them. I got Jewish Spirituality: A Brief Introduction for Christians by Rabbi Lawrence Kushner in the mail a couple of days ago and grabbed it off my shelf to look through it while I was studying and an hour and a half later I had read the book.

Let me say, this book probably should be titled: Jewish Mysticism. It does go into Jewish Spirituality, but delves more into a Reformed Judaism than a conservative Jewish faith or an orthodox Judaism (In my opinion). Ray Vander Laan, whose ministry I love, recommended the book, so I picked it up and I loved it. There are some parts that smell new age-ish, but there are some wonderful insights on the Torah that are blowing my mind. For Rob Bell fans, here is where he steals a bunch of his stuff.

I don’t recommend this book to young Christians, but this is a great book for Pastors or leaders who want to understand Judaism a little better. Great stuff!