Book Review: Growth by Accident, Death by Planning

Bob FranquizBooks

I found Growth by Accident, Death by Planning by Bob Whitsel very insightful. I enjoyed the book because it helps churches that are growing to keep the momentum going and not lose it based on decisions that actually make sense.

I think the book is summed up in the phrase: The Titanic was built by experts and the ark was built by amateurs. He deals with 11 missteps that church take that kills the work that God is doing in a community through the church. He deals with staffing, facility, worship, innovation, services, and several other key issues. He tells the story of a church, the factors that led to their growth, then the unwise decisions that sucked the life out what God was doing. Then he give a few insights to get back on track (or stay on track).

I recommend the book to any Pastor who wants to keep the “Big Mo” going and not lose it once we think we become “experts”.