Book Review: First, Break All the Rules

Bob FranquizBooks

I am a big fan of Marcus Buckingham’s books. So I picked up First, Break All the Rules and it didn’t disappoint. Through an insane amount of data gathering and research that the Gallup organization did, they put together a book that is really helpful for people who desire to manage better. Honestly, I’m not the best manager in the world. Mostly because I manage people they way I want to be managed (something Marcus talks about in the book), that is, I want to be told what my parameters are and left alone. Not everyone works best this way, and great managers are able to see that and give those they manage the type of management style they need to maximize performance.

The truth is, if you’re in church leadership, then you manage people to some degree. There is such an emphasis placed on leadership and being entrepreneurial, that management sometimes feels like a bad word. If I hear another “Just cast the vision and everything and everyone will fall into place”, I may start throwing things. Vision is hugely important, but vision has to be managed, or it’s just a big idea.

Here’s are some of my favorite quotes:

“Great managers spend most of their time with top performers”

“Treat people as they want to be treated, not as you want to be treated”

“Manage around weaknesses and focus on strengths”

“Find people who can compliment your weaknesses”

“Leaders don’t have to be well-rounded, but good teams must be”

Moral of the story: great book. Buy it!