Book Review: Cut to the Chase

Bob FranquizBooks

I don’t know if there’s a book that’s more needed for church leaders than a book like Cut to the Chase by Stuart Levine. The spiritual, emotional, physical, mental, and time demands on a church leader’s life is high, and we need to be able to manage these demands in a reasonable way.

This book is like a practical version of Choosing to Cheat. Cut to the Chase gives 100 ways to get time back by organizing your work and making decisions that promote getting right to the point.

Some highlight rules in the book (each rule is about a page and a half long):

– Get in early and go home on time
– Start with the end in mind
– Think in bullets
– create a “no loitering” zone
– People hate meetings for a reason
– Master the 10 Minute Meeting
– If you need a drummer, hire a drummer
– Don’t let your Blackberry become a Crackberry

This book is packed with great insights about organization, time management, and meeting effectiveness that are fantastic. I highly recommend it!