Book Review: “Choosing to Cheat” and a Couple of personal thoughts

Bob FranquizUncategorized

1590523296I just finished Choosing to Cheat by Andy Stanley. This book is an absolute must-read! It is an important book especially for those in ministry, because the lines of ministry and God get blurred sometimes for us.

I was talking to someone recently and telling him about how Pastors’ kids are sometimes the most out of control kids in the church. He asked why. I said, “Because dad isn’t ever home. He’s always counseling other people and fixing their families.” All the while, the Pastor’s family is waiting for him to come home.

Guys, this may seem basic to some, but let me just say it. If you’re a Senior/ Lead Pastor, consider the following:

#1 – Don’t give out your home or cell number to everyone – This is insane. Everyone doesn’t need this kind of access to you. Instead, teach people to walk with God. If they really have a problem, give them the church number and they can make an appointment.

#2 – People don’t have to meet with you – Quite honestly, I think this is an ego thing for Pastors. “I’m the minister, so they need me!” People need God, not you, per se. I do very little counseling, not because I don’t like meeting with people. I do little because my responsibilities limit my time, but we have staff that are better at it than I am. They are more gifted than I am. That doesn’t bother me. I rejoice that the people in our church can get the best ministry possible and I’m with that not being from me.

#3 – Your family needs you – I have the most understanding wife in the world. She has never complained when I have come home late or taken on another speaking engagement or agreed to be on the board of a church plant or had another late meeting. But last year I decided I was going to scale back and am in the process of doing so. Pastors last about 5 years if they don’t pace themselves. I plan on serving God my entire life. So pace is important.

Anyway, the book is great. It’s simply an exposition of Daniel 1 and the application is work and home. I highly recommend this to anyone who has a family and a job. It’s a great book that helps create balance between your job and your family. 5 stars!