Book Review: Breaking the Missional Code

Bob FranquizUncategorized

I just finished “Breaking the Missional Code” by Ed Stetzer and David Putman. It was a really good book. I got several good ideas, but most importantly I got several questions that I need to ask myself and my staff.

These guys are doing it, having planted churches and leading growing churches in their respective communities. I have to tell you, I’m over it with guys writing books on how to do church who have never done it. These guys are doing it, so this isn’t theory. It’s experience form the blood, sweat, and tears of planting missional communities of faith.

I think the book is a little too long and they repeat themselves several times. I don’t think that’s their fault. I think a better editor would have cut it down a bit. Perhaps that was the intended effect, but I wanted to more on to new content. That aside, I highly recommend the book.

Who should read it? Church planters for sure. Read this before you decide to plant your church and you will save yourself a world of pain. Pastors and church leaders could learn a lot from this book in learning how to exegete their communities. Great job guys! 4.5 stars!