Book Review: 9 Things a Leader Must Do

Bob FranquizBooks

It’s not a big book, but 9 Things a Leader must do by Dr. Henry Cloud packs a punch! This book is his look at 9 qualities that all great leaders possess. It’s filled with stories and wisdom of how these qualities influence these leader’s decisions and relationships.

I think books like this help a leader take an inventory of what’s happening within him/her.

Some favorite quotes:

“Leadership success is the process of digging up the treasures of the invisible soul in order to bring dreams, desires, and talents to the visible world.”

Most leaders who “left it all” took a risk, and succeeded will tell you that their decision was not flighty or impulsive at all. They made their move only after much preparation and thoughtfulness.”

“Even good things that consume time, resources, energy, and attention and do not get you where you want to go are a negative.”

“All-or-nothing thinking keeps people stuck in destructive ruts. All success is built and sustained just like a building is built, one brick at a time.”

“People who succeed in leadership and life do not go around settling scores. They don’t even keep score.”

“Humility is not having a need to be or appear more than you are.” “To be a successful leader, you nay not keep everyone around you happy.”

The book is a quick read. I think you’ll enjoy it…