Book Review: You, Inc.

Bob FranquizBooks

You, Inc. by Harry and Christine Beckwith was recommended to me and I was a little put off by the title. But by page 2 I was hooked. It’s about 320 pages of practical wisdom in work ethic, managing time, communication, making a good impression, going the extra mile for people, goal setting, appearance, being thankful, and a ton of other stuff. The chapter on how to remember people’s names was worth the price of the book for me. (That’s an area of challenge for me).

Here’s a few of my favorite quotes:

“The future belongs to the communicators.”

“People are overwhelmed. So whatever you want to communicate, you must learn to do it simply.”

“Stories are how we come to understand the world at every age.”

“Find your message, keep it simple, and repeat it often.”

“We do not remember words well. We remembers images.”

“Your great strides forward your long steps back.”

A fundamental sign of mental health is the realization that life is hard.”

“Half efforts do not produce half results. They produce no results.”