Book Review: Walking with God

Bob FranquizBooks

First, let me say that I love John Eldredge’s books. I read everything John writes and I’m always challenged by him. But Walking with God was special. Few books are written on how we as Christians can hear from God because it’s nearly impossible to articulate. But in this book, John gives us the next best thing: he shows us how God speaks to him. It may be the most vulnerable of all his books because he’s revealing his prayer life, frustrations, struggles, and insecurities. But I believe this is what makes the book so brilliant.

You may disagree with some things (but can’t that be said of any book?), but if you’re like me you’ll be reminded that God wants to speak to you and is waiting for you to slow down and listen to Him.

Here’s a few quotes that rocked my world:

– “It is our deepest need, as human beings, to learn to live intimately with God.”

– If you’ve been taught that God doesn’t speak to you, then you’re probably not going to be listening for His voice.”

– “Too many people approach scripture without an intimacy with God, and they end up either frustrated because they’ve gotten so little out of it or, far worse, amass an intellectual understanding quite apart from any real communion with God.”

– “Start praying like elijah and maybe you’ll see some results.”

– “I want 2 things that are mutually exclusive: I want to live a nice little life and I want to an important role in God’s kingdom.”

– When life isn’t good we have to be careful we don’t jump to the conclusion God is withholding this from me.”

– “I place all my confidence in my ability to ‘get it done’, ‘get it right’, ‘stay on top of things.’ No wonder I feel like I’m just ‘barely walking’ with God.”

– “We are constantly filling in the blanks of what we think God is up to instead of asking Him.”

Walking with God is more than just another book. It’s a journey into how we can learn to hear God’s voice. I recommend you buy a couple for yourself and someone else!