Book Review: The Irresistible Church

Bob FranquizBooks

I am a big fan of Wayne Cordeiro and New Hope Church in Hawaii, so I try to read everything Wayne writes. In fact, his book “Doing Church as a Team” is required reading for anyone who joins our staff.

So when I saw he wrote a new book I immediately downloaded it into my Kindle for iPad app and moved it ahead of several other books.

I really enjoyed this book. The book is not about how a church can be irresistible to your community. Instead, the book is about how a church can be irresistible to heaven. It’s about how to be the kind of church that God blesses.

I could give you a bunch of quotes that I highlighted from the book, but that will simply delay the inevitable: you buying the book. So buy the book. You’ll be glad you did.

Here’s the link to the book.