Book Review: The Ultimate Sales Machine

Bob FranquizBooks

While the title isn’t something that would draw me to the book, “The Ultimate Sales Machine” was a fantastic book! In it, the author shares 12 strategies to make your company more effective, and the parallels to church are considerable. Hands down, the best chapter of the book was the one on hiring. I really enjoyed the questions that he asks (I’ll be asking them as well) and the reason behind the questions. If you’re a Lead Pastor, you need to buy this book.

Here’s a few great quotes to get you going:

– “Take time to sharpen your skills, your tools, and your resources, and you’ll be more productive.”

– “The average bad hire costs a company $60,000.”

– A successful direct mail campaign absolutely depends on how regular and consistent your mailings are.”

– In most companies, there’s little or no training and there’s rarely mandatory training.”

– “The best of the best are always seeking to be better, so another area to explore with them is how dedicated they are to self-improvement.”

– “The more you challenge superstars, the more you encourage them to overachieve.”