Book Review: The Unity Factor

Bob FranquizBooks

The Unity Factor was recommended to me and I picked it up. I have heard a lot about what God is doing at North Coast, so I wanted to read something that Larry had written. The book wasn’t what I expected, but I still really enjoyed it.

The book is about how to develop a board of directors primarily, but there are principles to leading a team that are useful in any context. I got a lot out of it from a team building perspective. I was encouraged and affirmed in that I am already doing much of this with my board right now.

This book is really useful to a person just developing a board or walking into a situation where the board was there before the Pastor (which was Larry’s story). So there’s plenty of wisdom here.

There also some great stuff on staffing. The last chapter “What game are we playing?” is worth the cost of the book. It deals with the changes within a staff as a church grows larger.

For me, I’ll take a book written by a practitioner over a theorist any day. Larry is getting it done and I want to read books by guys who are getting it done!