Book Review: Tales from the Top

Bob FranquizBooks

51m7868xnrl_bo2204203200_pisitbdp50First, let me say that I loved this book. Tales from the Top is essentially the questions that executive coach Graham Alexander would ask you if he were in your office coaching you. I found this book very challenging. I found myself just stopping and thinking after what I had just read (that’s a novel concept.. a book that makes you think).

Here’s a few of my favorite quotes:

“When you’re under the gun to make a decision, you may overlook the best solution.”

“The pressure on leaders to perform near perfection is immense.”

“Everything you do as a leader has meaning, import, and impact.”

“Perfectionism can drive success, if it doesn’t kill you first.”

“Only fight the battles you can win.”

“At all costs, avoid doing what other people in your organization should be doing. You disempower your people when you do that.”

“Remember, you have no second chances at this time or at your children being this age.”

“Slay the sacred cows.”

I probably could have listed 20 more quotes that really struck me. This book is really a must read for leaders. I highly recommend it.