Book Review: The Aladdin Factor

Bob FranquizBooks

51jk87v44gl_sl210_I have been recommended The Aladdin Factor several times by friends and just finally got to reading it. Let me say, I loved it! I liked it so much I bought the audio and went through it again!

The book is about learning how to ask. Most Pastors struggle with asking. We struggle asking people to serve, to be committed, to give, or to sacrifice. This book really helped me get to some of the core of why I don’t like asking.

It was a fun read. I really enjoy Canfield and Hansen’s style of writing.

Here’s a few good quotes from the book:

“Asking increasing your chances of receiving by 200%.”

“Setbacks are given to ordinary people to make them extraordinary.”

“Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.”

“What am I pretending not to know?”

“How would the person I want to be do the things I want to do?”