Book Review: The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey

Bob FranquizBooks

41q3k12613l_sl500_bo2204203200_pisiI needed to read this book! The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey is a short little book, but it hits hard! This is a great book for leaders who love to get involved in way more than they should. This book challenges managers to get out of the way and stop being the bottleneck so their staffs can do what they’re called to do.

I am guilty of taking on many a monkey in my ministry (monkeys being projects or tasks that really belong to someone else). I was really challenged by this book to keep my nose out of things that don’t concern me and to let my staff handle things without me. Sometimes I give my opinion, not because it’s needed, but because I want to give it. What that does is slow down the process of what needs to happen. The book as an easy read and I recommend it.

Here’s a couple of great quotes:

“The best way to develop responsibility in people is to give them responsibility.”

“Practice hands-off management as much as you can and hands-on management as much as necessary.”

“Things not worth doing are things not worth doing well.”