Book Review: Speak to Win

Bob FranquizBooks

518310tenkl_bo2204203200_pisitbdp50Speak to Win by Brian Tracy is a fantastic book! This book deals with both the technical and practical aspects of speaking. Lots of books talk about content (which this one does as well), but Brian focuses on the practical side of speaking; where to stand, using Powerpoint, room set-up, and taking care of your voice. He also talks about how to speak for maximum impact, which was very helpful.

Here’s a few of my favorite quotes:

“One of the most important things you must do, before you speak, is to start with the end in mind.”

“The wonderful thing about communication is that you cannot get worse by doing it.”

“Preparation is what separates mediocrity from greatness.”

“Confident public speaking begins with having a message that you really want to hear.”

“Think on paper.”

“The best audience temperature for a room is 68 degrees.” – that’s a good tip

“Powerpoint is a prop – not a support – to the main message.”

“The best strategy for ending with a bang is to plan your close before you plan the rest of the speech.”

This book was an easy read and very helpful. If you communicate regularly, you need to pick this book up!