Book Review: Money Matters in the Church

Bob FranquizBooks

Money Matters in the Church is one of the first books of its’ kind. It’s written specifically for leaders on the subject of stewardship and best practice in the area of finances. It’s amazing to me that a book like this hasn’t been written before. The book is about 200 pages and there’s no fluff! It’s great info. Excellent content and easy to read. The first chapter encourages the Pastor to develop a theology of stewardship. Most Pastors have a terrible theology of stewardship, because contrary to the folks on TV, most Pastors hate to talk about money!

But I found the book to be an invaluable resource. Great chapters on staff compensation, developing a budget, understanding the banking system, and protecting the church’s financial integrity. Some of this was review for me (we have a CPA on our board of directors who reviews our books ever quarter), but this is a book I am going to recommend to every Pastor I talk to about financial stuff. Buy it now!