Book Review: Making it All Work

Bob FranquizGeneral


I am a huge fan of David Allen.  His book "Getting Things Done" completely changed how I manage my workflow and organize my life.  I own the book and the audio (just cause I'm a freak like that) and refer to the  book regularly.  

Needless to say, when I saw he had written a new book, I didn't even open it.  I just grabbed it and bought it.  I read "Making it all Work" in one sitting and it was really good. In some ways, it's a commentary on Getting Things Done.  In other ways, it expounds on the ideas he introduced in Getting Things Done.  I really enjoyed the book and appreciated the added details of how to implement the GTD system into every areas of life.
If you're someone who is looking for help to get more organized and get more accomplished, then do yourself a favor and pick up Making it all Work!