Book Review: Leadership Gold

Bob FranquizBooks

I try to read just about everything John Maxwell writes. His books have helped me so much in my development as a leader. I’ve had my staff reads many of his books as well as I have sought to develop them to their fullest potential as leaders. Leadership Gold is the best book John has written since The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. It was packed with great quotes, insights, and wisdom that had me thinking long after the chapter was done. I also liked the format: 26 pieces of wisdom in short, 5-7 page chapters. I highly recommend this this book. I would encourage you to buy this book for yourself and for those on your team.

Here’s a few of my favorite quotes:

“Walk slowly through the crowd.”

“Good leaders are like tour guides.”

“The defining moments of leaders can have a dramatic effect on others.”

“When you’re out in front of the crowd, everything you do attracts attention.”

“Some leaders are like seagulls. When something goes wrong, they fly in, make a lot of noise, and crap all over everything.” ­čÖé

“We attract who we are, not what we want.”

“You can’t define reality if you won’t face reality.”

Anyway, I have 100 more of these, but this should be enough to motivate you to pick up the book.