Book Review: It’s Okay to be the Boss

Bob FranquizBooks

Let me say that It’s Okay to be the Boss was a great read! This book had so many great insights into managing and leading. It blew up a lot of the myths about managing and really got me thinking about how I manage and how I can improve and set our staff up for success. I saw so many of the mistakes I have made as a manager and a lot of the mistakes that people made in managing me in the past ­čÖé

Here’s a few quotes that stood out:

“If you are the boss, it is your responsibility to make sure everything goes well.”

“Almost everyone performs better with more guidance, direction, and support from a more experienced person.”

“Maintain an ongoing dialogue: ‘Here’s what I need from you. What do you need from me?'”

“Stop coaching employees when problems develop; coach employees when they are doing great or just doing OK.”

“The only way to cope with the incredible diversity among your employees is to figure out what works with each person and then customize your management style accordingly.”

“The first and most important element of in creating real accountability is spelling out expectations up front in clear terms.”

“If you are the boss, your #1 responsibility is to make absolutely sure that every person you manage understands exactly what he is expected to do and exactly how he is expected to do it.”

“Low performers don’t like to be managed closely.”

“One high-performing employee is worth more to the business than 3 or 4 mediocre employees.”

This book is very well written, easy to read, and very informative. I highly recommend it to anyone who manages people.