Book Review: How to Become a Great Boss

Bob FranquizBooks

I’m a big fan of Jeffrey Fox’s books and How to Become a Great Boss doesn’t disappoint. This book does what all books should do: cut out the fluff, short chapters, and right the point! This book is 50 chapters of wisdom and you can read it in less than 2 hours.

In the spirit of the book, I’ll make this post short and give a few highlights:

– “Whether intentional or not, the great boss shapes the organization, because the company does what the boss does.”

– Don’t hire because you have a deadline.”

– “The great boss eliminates future problems on the first day of hiring.”

– The great boss makes great people decisions.”

– “Your words cary weight; speak with discretion.”

– “The great boss only cares about the quality of the idea, not the source of the idea.”

– Innovation and entrepreneurship go down as the number of policies go up.”

– The great boss does not sacrifice someone to save himself.”