Book Review: Holy Discontent

Bob FranquizBooks

When I closed the book last night after finishing it, I said the same thing I said after reading the first chapter: “How is it that a book on this subject hasn’t been written before?” Holy Discontent by Bill Hybels is a great book for those seeking to find their one true passion in life. His premise? Find out what drives you so crazy that it forces you to stand up and do something about it, and that’s probably your passion.

Bill shares some great stories from his own life and from those he has met in his travels to drive home the point that God has placed us on this planet to do something, to fix something, to start something, or to stop something. But He called us to something. Our task is to discover that “holy discontent” and feed it, fight for it, and follow through until God tells us otherwise.

It’s an easy read (as Hybels’ books usually are, given his conversational style). If you’re looking for a book to help you think bigger and help focus some opportunities, this is one to read.