Book Review: Hedges

Bob FranquizGeneral

If you've ever wished there was a book that spoke opening and plainly about how to create safeguards in your life so we don't ever have a moral failure, Hedges is it.  

Jerry Jenkins (of Left Behind fame) wrote a fantastic book about how to create hedges that keep us from falling.  This book caused me to rethink the safeguards I have and recommit myself to them.  

Falling into sin doesn't only hurt us.  It hurts everyone around us as well.  That's why I loved this book and highly recommend it. Hedges is a book that every church staff member needs to read.  I hope at the very least that you decide to read it and set up hedges of your own.  

What are some of my hedges?  Here's a few:  

 - I don't meet with women alone with the door closed
 - I don't ride in cars alone with a woman other than my wife under any circumstances 
 - I don't eat lunch (or any other meal) alone with a woman other than my wife

 - I never speak negatively of my wife 

 - I don't confide in any woman other than my wife

I have more, but the point is to not put myself in harm's way.