Book Review: Beyond Megachurch Myths

Bob FranquizBooks

I grew up spiritually in a megachurch. I got my start in ministry in a megachurch. I was married in a megachurch. (This is starting to remind me of a John Cougar song…) But what I realized when I start Calvary Fellowship was that not everyone had great feelings about megachurches.

That’s the reason I like Beyond Megachurch Myths so much. It tackles all of the misconceptions that people have about megachurches. For the record, I love churches of all sizes. But I probably feel most comfortable in a larger church.

If you’re a Senior Pastor, you need to read this book. These guys have done exhaustive research and give us the data showing that the myths simply aren’t true.

Anyway, if you want a good read about what’s happening in the church, pick it up!