Book Review: 10 Things I Hate about Christianity

Bob FranquizGeneral

41hnvrkSwaL._SL500_AA240_In the spirit of full disclosure, let me say that Jason has been a close friend of mine for the last 13 years. We were in a band together, he was one staff with me at Calvary Fellowship, he was the best man at my wedding and I was the best man at his wedding.  

Jason left our staff almost 3 years ago to pursue his dream of writing.  Last week I got the realization of his dream in the mail as he was kind enough to mail me a copy of his book, 10 Things I hate about Christianity.  Admittedly, the title of the book is a little rough, because we don't want to admit that there would be anything we hate about Christianity.  The word seems too strong. But what I love about this book is its' honesty.  There's stuff we wrestle with about our faith that's difficult to understand, hard to accept and impossible at times to fully grasp.  

I loved this book for several reasons, but the chapter on prayer is worth the price of admission.  Ever struggle with prayer?  If you've been a Christian for more than 30 minutes I bet you have. The chapter on Christians is hilarious and sobering at the same time.  

Here's what I love most about this book: Jason teaches the Scriptures. He starts with his own struggle and the common objections people have and then he simply teaches what the Bible has to say about the subject.  

You may not agree with everything Jason says, but I can assure you that you won't hate this book.  Pick up a copy or two.  One for you and one for someone who is struggling with these issues.  They may find that you can still walk with God and still wrestle with certain things.