Blogging Etiquette

Bob FranquizUncategorized

My man Tally Wilgis is laying some serious smack down on his blog today with his post on Blogging Maturity.   It’s a great read and totally needed.  I think Tally’s blog on church leadership is one of the best out there.  Everybody else just…oh yeah, I can’t talk like that anymore.  I read his post.  As you can see, the stuff is true and it works. 

But seriously, if you want to disagree, fine.  If you have a comment that’s constructive, you don’t have to put it on display.  I’m not saying you have to agree with everything someone writes, just be sensitive to the fact that others are reading your comments as well.  Most people have an e-mail address where you can write them privately if you feel you need to express yourself to the blogger.  But usually, it’s people who think they know everything that leave nasty comments for all to see (That part may have been uncalled for). 

So in the immortal words of Brad Hamilton (Judge Reinhold) to Jeff Spicoli (Sean Penn) as Brad points to the "No shirt, No shoes, No dice" sign at All American Burger, "Learn it, know it, live it!"