Blog in Review: My Favorite Posts of 2006

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Here are my favorite posts that I wrote and/ or there were great comments on the post:

#12 – The High Stakes World of Competitive Eating (The title still makes me laugh)

#11 – Halloween Thoughts (I was surprised by how many people got into this post)

#10 – This One (The picture says it all)

#9 – “We’re podcasting” (11 months later we have over 1,300 people subscribed – no pressure!)

#8 – Tipping Etiquette (The comments on this post are hilarious. I still laugh when I think of them)

#7 – We are Stars (I love this video. It makes me wish it still were the 80’s!)

#6 – How to be a bookworm (I’m a bookworm and proud of it!)

#5 – Man Laws for Christians (This post took on a life of its’ own)

#4 – Pastor’s Conference Recap (Teaching at the Calvary Chapel Southeast Pastors’ Conference was a dream come true. I remember being a Bible College student and dreaming about speaking at this conference. I got my chance. I don’t if I’ll ever got one again ­čÖé But it was a great experience.

#3 – Momentum Conference (I’m so excited about our conference and I was thrilled to announce it)

#2 – 6 Years Later (I got so much feedback from this post. I think it’s the best post I’ve ever written from a ministry/ personal perspective. It’s the first time I really opened myself up and didn’t just write about how great everything is, which is what most of us do on our blogs even if it’s not true.)

#1 – Mia (Finding out that Carey was pregnant after 9 years of trying is one of the highlights of my life. She’ll be here in 6 weeks!)

As I look at this list, I’m blown away by how good God has been to me. He’s given me a great wife, a daughter on the way, a great church to lead, and a ton of stuff to laugh about. I love following Jesus!