Best Books for Church Planters – Part 3

Bob FranquizUncategorized

My #3 selection for best books for a church planter is “The Upside Down Church” by Greg Laurie. This book is not your average book on church planting. It’s the story of how Greg Laurie’s church, Harvest Christian Fellowship has grown without using any of the church growth principles that have filled 100’s of books. I’ve read a bunch of books on church planting, church growth, church health. etc… but the one that I believe the one that most matches what we do at CCML is this one. It’s a simple approach that uses Acts 2:42 as a model of what the church should be. The book challenges some of the church growth “Rules” we’ve read and asks us to take inventory and see if they’re really working. I’ve been to Harvest a few times and it’s a great church. There’s real life change happening as people are responding to the Gospel at every service. Greg’s style of teaching connects with young and old alike and there is an evangelistic zeal there that I wish I could bottle and take with me. I can’t recommend this book enough!