Avoid the Leadership Mistakes Senior Pastors Make

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Yesterday we released a FREE ebook called, “The Top 5 Leadership Mistakes Senior Pastors Make”.

The response has been amazing! I am totally excited about this ebook because it’s 35 pages of leadership and outreach content that’s going to help you and your church.

This is the ebook I wish someone would have handed me when planted Calvary.

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Here is what I cover in this ebook:
– The 1 absolute MUST of casting vision
– The toughest person to lead in your church (it’s not who you think)
– The 3 reasons people don’t respond to vision
– How ignoring one skill can completely limit your church ability to reach people
– The 4 absolutes of outreach
– The most important ministry in your church (that few are engaged in)
– How a change of perspective can save you thousands in outreach dollars
– Discover the 1 secret that will make or break your outreach efforts

Oh, by the way, I’ve also included some freebies in the ebook that you’re going to love!

Click here to download the ebook.

Lastly, could I ask a favor?

I want to get this ebook to as many Senior Pastors as possible.

Would you…

– Forward this email to a Pastor you know
– Tweet about the ebook
– Mention the ebook on your blog
– Direct people to www.outreachninja.com/5mistakes

I would greatly appreciate it and the pastors you direct to this FREE resource will thank you as well!

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