Attention: Portable Church Pastors

Bob FranquizUncategorized

The National New Church Conference is fast approaching. If you’re interested: I’ll be leading a pre-conference workshop on portable churches.

Let’s be honest: when you’re portable, you’re starting at a disadvantage in many respects. So learn as much as you can to make the best impression on guests and the best ministry to those who call your church home.

I’m going to be talking about several key issues in the life of a portable church:

– The challenges of staffing a portable church (we’ll be spending a lot of time here, because it’s not the same as staffing a non-portable church. I’ve learned this the hard way.)
– How to minister to all age levels in your setting (Seriously, children’s ministry is no joke if you’re portable. It takes serious innovation to do it right.)
– How to use your facility to further the message of the Gospel (This is an untapped resource every portable church has)
– How to recruit, develop, and deploy volunteers (Because you need a lot of them!)
– The importance of small groups in a church without a home (This is critical to seeing people stay)

Also, I’ll be giving everyone who attends a copy of my book Elements and a CD filled with graphics of our postcards, invites, bulletins, signage, and anything else we fit in there.

You can register here.