Attending Easter Ninja Will Make You Better Looking

Bob FranquizChurch

OK, let me clarify…

Maybe you won’t be better looking by attending Easter Ninja.

But your church will be much more attractive by listening to our 9 speakers who are going to pour into your in this 2 hour event.

Listen to…

– Troy Gramling talk about using creative elements to fill your services
– Mark Batterson talk about believing God for big things
– Bob Coy talk about pulpit evangelism to see more decisions
– David Hughes turning your church in to an army of inviters
– Casey Graham talk about raising money for outreach
– Bob Franquiz (me) talk about how to reach the 3 types of people in your community
– Nelson Searcy talk about servant evangelism
– Shawn Lovejoy talk about mobilizing your congregation
– Eric Geiger talk about the one thing you need to get people to come back

This is going to be an amazing event and the best part is…

It’s totally FREE.

The only requirement is a heart that’s willing to learn and apply the principles you’re going to be taught.

I believe this conference can help your church grow by at least 20%-50% this Easter.

Easter Ninja is happening tomorrow (February 9th @1PM EST).

If you’re interested, head over to