And then there was one…

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I've only got 1 spot left for my new coaching network that's starting in less than 2 weeks (August 27th)!  

This coaching network is a tele-coaching format so there's no travel, rental car, hotel, or night away from your family.

Here's the topics we're going to cover in this network:

Session One: The Personal Development of the Senior Pastor 
Session Two: Church Governance 

Session Three: Developing Other Leaders 
Session Four: Building an Effective Staff 
Session Five: Preaching for Life Change 
Session Six: Advanced Outreach Strategies

Here's what a couple of coaching alumni said about their experience in my last coaching network: 

the past few months I have been a part of a coaching network lead by Pastor Bob
Franquiz.  During the monthly sessions we've worked through the
practical 'nuts and bolts' of what it takes to plant a healthy growing
church.  The financial and personal investment over this time was well
worth it.  I have learned new strategies, new systems and more importantly
new ways of thinking about what it takes to see people come to know, follow and
grow as followers of Jesus in today’s culture." – Will Henderson (Church Planter in Australia)

"I'm shocked
at how one coaching meeting a month has helped, I know because of it I'm equipped
to be a better leader! What ever reason you could come up with of why not to do
it, do yourself and your church a favor DO IT!
" – Ed Ryerson (Pastor in Naples, FL)

If you're interested in joining a coaching network that will stretch you as a leader and help you get to the next level, then click here to download an application. But don't delay, because there's only 1 spot left!