An Amazing Night!

Bob FranquizChurch

Last night we had our Servants’ Appreciation Dinner and we had a ton of our faithful servants come out to an evening where we as a staff could serve them. I look forward to this night all years long. I had the opportunity to share some things that are on the horizon for us, and to remind each of us of how important each of us is in the body of Christ. It’s an incredible thing as a Pastor to be able to stand up and see the faces of many who came to know Jesus at CF and to see them making a contribution with their gifts and talents. It was humbling to say the least!

Carey and Mia made a guest appearance at the dinner, which made the evening all the more special. People were taking pictures of Mia (It was her first church function) and saying how beautiful she is (always music to a daddy’s ears). It was wonderful to introduce her to our incredible nursery volunteers, who were so excited to see her in the nursery soon (once she gets her 2 month shots). All in all, it was a night to remember for me.
I’m honored to serve at Calvary Fellowship with the amazing people that God has brought together.